Beginner class in Cuban Salsa

w/ Søren Frølund

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At this beginner's course in Cuban salsa, Søren Frølund will introduce the participants to the fantastic world the salsa dance opens up to. Over the evenings we will learn basic steps, rhythms and figures that make it possible to embark on the dance floor in play and improvisation. Please bring a man or two. Ask for example next door. However, it is not a condition to come as a couple - you can easily come alone.

Cuban Salsa for beginners is for you without or with a bit of experience in dance in general. The teaching goes through basic skills, postures, understanding of music and steps. Before you know it, you can dance an ok salsa dance.

SALSA EXPERIENCE: No previous experience is required.

START: Tuesdays at. 18:15 to 19:30

INSTRUCTOR: Søren Frølund

DURATION: Teaching lessons of "75 min, number of lessons vary from season to season

PRICE: 60 kr pr. lektion

REGISTRATION: You can sign up and pay here >>

LOKATION: Salsa Viborg c/o 10’eren, Rughavevej 2, 8800 Viborg

Søren Frølund has danced salsa since the mid-80s and is very inspired by the Cuban culture. He has many Cuba travels on his CV and among other things from there, he has a deep insight into and understanding of the Cuban salsa.

He enjoys sharing his experiences and he is a super talented instructor who is able to explain and transfer the very basic qualities of Cuban salsa.

Søren's teaching is always festive and time flies


Salsainstruktør Søren Frølund


The practical

Prisen pr. session er 60 kr., men betales som et samlet beløb for hele sæsonen.

To join the class you must:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Remember to list the right team and your gender
  3. We confirm your deposit and registration

First served basis:
We reserve the right to close the class for women if the gender distribution becomes too skewed. There is priority for current team members. If you come as a couple, you are guaranteed a seat.

If you wish to become a member of the association to continue on a permanent team, this costs DKK 50, - per year. Thus, you can also participate in our extraordinary events that take place all year round. You can read more about our activities here: here>>

Once you have paid the participant fee for the class, we are unfortunately unable to refund the money. Not even if you regret, or don't have the opportunity to go to the class anyway. Only if there is no room in the class or the class is not set up will you get the participant fee returned.

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