Alittle about Salsa

Why have millions of people around the world over the last 30 years become obsessed with Cuban salsa? One of the explanations is that salsa is not just a dance style among many others. Salsa means "sauce" in Spanish, suggesting that salsa is a fusion, a variety and a whole. With the name "sauce" the Cubans makes fun at the way we in the West traditionally have perceived classical dance as divided and divided into genres, dance-style and complicated categories, which one should preferably be a fine-cultural expert to understand.

Salsa is not fine culture and to dance salsa it is not important to be an expert. Salsa is for everyone - young and old, thick and thin, high and low, even sick and weak. The important thing is not how you look when you dance, but the joy of dance and the community you experience as you move and improvise, playfully and sweaty with others to rhythmic music. Many people use salsa to recover from a depression.

The Cuban salsa culture derives from three continents - Africa, America and Europe - and has been fused to the sauce called salsa. Sauce also leads the thought to something that is not necessarily particularly beautiful, but which is fluid, which irritates the senses with smells, tastes and colors and which above all must be experienced and enjoyed.