Salsa Viborg

Salsa Viborg is an association founded on February 7, 2015 in Viborg.
The purpose of Salsa Viborg is to convey and promote the knowledge and culture of salsa dance and related Latin American dances, as well as to establish and promote a well-functioning salsa environment in Viborg and the surrounding area. Also read the Association's Articles of Association here: Articles of Association Salsa

Salsa Viborg dances at Borgerhuset Stationen - Lille Sankt Hans Gade 7, 8800 Viborg - where we either dance at the first floor in the large hall or at the ground floor, next to the elevator, in room 1.

Foreningens bestyrelse består af syv medlemmer: Andrew Iles Buhelt , Rikke Donnerup, Sanni Dalsgaard, Lone Viborg, Dorthe Terp Hansen (Forkvinde), Hans Rytter and Lotte Vestergaard (Kasserer).

Salsa classes (and bachata) – class levels

  • Beginner class: For those who have not danced Cuban salsa before or have just danced at our drop-in classes. (
  • Improver class: For those of you who know basic steps and most basic combinations. (
  • Intermediate class: For those who are sure about the basic steps and basic combinations. (
  • Advanced: For those of you who are very confident in both your style and longer combinations. (
  • Bachata - improver: for those who already have experience with bachata. The basic steps must be in place and the dancers must be able to follow the rhythm of various slow and medium speed songs.

If you have doubts about your level, you can ask the teacher on the respective team where he / she thinks you belong,

Class registration

To join the class's you must:

  • Go to
  • Click “Læs mere”
  • Choose your class and your gender
  • Select "Medlemsskab af Salsa Viborg" under "Tillægsydelser", if you have not paid the membership fee
  • Click “Start tilmelding” and follow the instructions

Cuban Salsa

The style of salsa that is danced and taught in Salsa Viborg is Cuban salsa.

Cubansk salsa er en livsbekræftende pardans, hvor man løbende skifter dansepartner og derfor kan man både komme alene eller som par.

The basic steps and the first combinations are easy to learn, but with a long acquaintance with the salsa universe, you will time and time again marvel at the versatility and the incredible variety of possibilities that lie in the dance.


Hver anden tirsdag (LIGE UGER) kl. 21:00 – 22:00 er der Salsatek i caféen på Borgerhuset Stationen. “Salsatek” er salsaens svar på et “diskotek”. Stemningen er afslappet og festlig, og der er mulighed for at købe drikkevarer. Det er gratis at deltage.


It is not in all seasons we teach classes in Bachata, but when we do, you can find it at Nemtilmeld aswell.

Bachata originated in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic and in recent years has quickly become one of the most popular Latin American dance genres.

At Salsa Viborg's bachata class we combine Dominican style with the sensual and modern style, so dancers get a general sense of how bachata is danced globally.

Musicality, footwork, waves, leads, signs and body movements will be taught.