Houlkær IF & Houlkærhallen
Odshøjvej 65, 8800 Viborg, Denmark


Nov 23 2019


14:00 - 21:00


50/60 - 140/150

Son and Salsa w. Søren

On Saturday, November 23, Salsa Viborg welcomes You to Son and Salsa with Søren Frølund 💃🏻🕺🏻
The day will feature 4 workshops, joint dining for those who want to, followed by social dance.

13.45-14.00: Arrival in the foyer.
14.00-15.00 Workshop 1 (multisalen)
15.15-16.15: Workshop 2 (multisalen)
16.30-17.10: Workshop 3 (multisalen)
17.20-18.00: Workshops 4 (multisalen)
18.00-21.00: Community dining and social dance (festsalen)

Workshop 1 - Salsa for intermediate/advanced
Complicated figures and fast rhythms.
(We would like you to be realistic about your own dance skills and to have experience and a good understanding of the dance and music so that we can keep the level high in this workshop. If in doubt, we can talk about if the level is appropriate 😊)

Workshop 2 – Salsa for beginner/improver:
If you have no or little experience with Salsa, you will have the opportunity here to learn technique, rhythm understanding and simple figures.

Workshop 3 – Intro to Son:
Here you will learn how to use your torso - to guide and be guided.
The dance takes place in “contra tiempo” - just like the music - and you learn to hear the rhythm, start and dance to it.
You also learn to move with your partner, to move across the floor while the leader leads the follower. The steps are simple, but the technique is harder and we keep the focus on the dance to be lead from the leader to the follower.

Workshop 4 - Son continues:
If you have already learned to dance Son, or are a shark at salsa (and torso), then you will be able to follow along here without taking the first workshop - or else, do both workshops.
Here we learn leading and technique at a higher level, learn to fall into the music, switch from Son to salsa - to listen to the music and dance TO and WITH it.
In addition, we learn some slightly harder figures and how the leader leads them. You can bring the technique almost directly into your Cuban salsa, so you get better at this as well.

We order take away - pizza or sandwiches (own payment) enjoy and talk.

Social Dance:
We turn up the music and here you will have the opportunity to practice what you can and have learned.

For members of Salsa Viborg:
1 workshop - 50kr
2 workshops – 90kr
3 workshops - 120kr
4 workshops - 140kr

For non-members:
1 workshop – 60kr
2 workshops – 100kr
3 workshops – 130kr
4 workshops – 150kr

If you want to sign up for Salsa Viborg then here is a link to membership:

It will be possible to buy drinks (water, soda and beer).

You can pay at the door with mobilepay or cash.

We look forward to seeing you for a nice afternoon and evening. 💃🏻🕺🏻

Salsa Viborg's events committee